What is Maxzide – High Blood Pressure & Edema Medication

Maxzide Is For High Blood Pressure & Edema


(Hydrocholothiazide Triamterene) is a diuretic, or water pill, that helps your body to avoid absorbing too much salt, which causes fluid retention. This medication also works to prevent the absorption of salt in order to keep potassium levels from getting too low or dangerously in decline in people at risk for low potassium.

This Drug Can And Will Cut Cholesterols In Some Cases
The drug, then, is effectively used as a blood pressure drug that cuts cholesterols, treats fluid retention, and in doing so lowers high blood pressure and reduces the risks of heart attack and hypertension. The medicine is ideal for people who have had this history of heart disease, stroke, or hypertension, and are in need for any sort of medication that can lower their risk factors and allow them to live a perfectly healthy, normal life.

Who Should Use This Medication?
People with high blood pressure and hypertension problems are often encouraged to use this medication to flush out their systems, thin their blood, and use it as a prevention from heart attacks and other issues related to high blood pressure. Typically, older adults benefit the most from this drug as they try to prevent the onslaught of chronic diseases and other medical and health afflictions as they age.

What Are The Effects Of Maxzide?

Talk to your doctor about using this high blood pressure drug and any other blood pressure medication, as they have many rules and regulations. People with kidney disease, urination problems, or unusually high levels of potassium in their blood should not use maxzide. Still other people who are taking other diuretic supplements must avoid this drug with equal fervor, as the combination can be fatal.

You Must Avoid a High Salt Diet While Taking Maxzide Drug
People on this medication must avoid a diet high in salt, and also avoid some alcohols and consistent wine and beer drinking. In addition, people on Maxzide are at greater risk to become dehydrated and suffer from heat stroke in hot weather, due to the drug’s diuretic properties, and as such must be very careful with their water intake and exercise levels during the hot months of the summer time.

What If You Want Maxzide?
For anyone considering using the drug, it is obviously best to first discuss this with your doctor and weigh your options. People with kidney disease, high potassium levels, or those taking potassium supplements are automatically ruled out from consumption, as taking this drug could be lethal to them.

Maxzide Works For Other Disorders As We…
In addition, people with diabetes, heart disease, cirrhosis, glaucoma, gout, lupus, or various breathing disorders ought to consult their doctor about their own use and develop a personalized plan that works for them and will keep them safe from harm.

Maxzide is a Highly Effective & Very Affordable Drug To Lower Blood Pressure

Maxzide is a highly effective and fairly affordable drug to reduce blood pressure and hypertension, and cut down bloating and water retention in the body, but it was only made for very specific people. Do not use Maxzide before consulting your primary physician, and getting to the bottom of the prescription and its side effects, so that you can be sure you are safe and secure when taking the drug.

Maxzide Side Effects (High Blood Pressure & Edema Medicine)

Maxzide (Triamterene) High Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects

Maxzide is a drug formed by the combination of Hydrochlorothiazide and Triamterene. While Hydrochlorothiazide is a water pill which helps prevent the absorption of excess salt by the body (which causes fluid retention), Triamterene is understood to be a potassium sparing diuretic with the same effect along with the ability to ensure that potassium levels in the body don’t fall too low.

The combination of these drugs has been found to be useful in fluid retention treatment aka edema and high blood pressure or hypertension.

Despite its recognised benefits, Maxzide is prescribed with careful consideration and should not be consumed without medical supervision due to its possible side effects. Note that this medication can dangerously increase your potassium levels, and that the risk of this happening is much higher among those suffering from diabetes or kidney disease, and among elders and those who are severely ill. High potassium levels are known to have severe, though only rarely fatal, effects.

The following are among the known side effects of Maxzide, and readers are cautioned to call a doctor in case they notice any of these upon consuming the drug:

Vision problems or pain in the eyes
Change in pace of heartbeat
Feeling as if you may faint
Swelling up or rapid gain in weight
Decreased or no urination afterwards
Trouble in concentrating
Memory haze
Reduced appetite
Feeling of unsteadiness
Shallow or truncated breathing
Discomfort in legs
Increased urination
Easy bruising
Skin rash on cheeks or nose which worsens in sunlight
Headache along with severe blisters and peeling of skin
Bleeding from orifices such as mouth, vagina, nose or rectum
Extreme thirst
Patchy skin color
Sore throat
Mild nausea

Also note the following additional information for your safety:

While lightheadedness, upset stomach, dizziness and headaches are known to occur when one’s body is adjusting to this drug, if these side effects seem to persist for long periods or worsen, then you must contact your doctor immediately.

This medication should not be used by those who are allergic towards its constituent chemicals such as triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide, suffuse who suffer from complications related to kidney disease, urinary issues, high potassium levels in their blood, or if they’re consuming other diuretics that are similar to triamterene. Use potassium supplements only if your medical specialist has advised you to do so. Maxzide’s side effects are known to have symptoms of both low as well as high potassium levels in the body.

Before you use this drug, tell your doctor of any liver or heart diseases you suffer from, or breathing disorders, kidney stones or allergies to sulfa drugs and penicillin.

Also, please be advised that alcohol consumption along with this drug can further decrease your BP and certain side effects of triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide may also be exacerbated.

Readers are asked to note that the above mentioned is not an exhaustive list of side effects of Maxzide. Consume this drug only under prescription and notify your doctor upon noticing any bodily abnormalities after consumption.

Maxzide Overdoses (High Blood Pressure Medication)

Maxzide High Blood Pressure Medication Overdose Information

Maxzide for High Blood Pressure Overdose Info

Overdose from Maxzide

Maxzide Overdoses

This is the brand new marketing name of Triamterene – HCTZ. The high
blood pressure drug is prescribed by doctors to treat high blood pressure and edema. This is the most common ailment that this high blood pressure medication is used for apart from the other less common purpose which is to treat water retention, this is similar to some of the drugs on the market known as “Water Pills”. This high blood pressure medication is instrumental in treating water retention which is also one prerequisite to lower down high blood pressure levels.

Overdoses with Maxzide Blood Pressure Medication Are Very Common
Overdoses are very common, which when we first started doing our research, we didn’t think it was be nearly as common as it is. You might be just like us thinking the same thing, but read on to become educated. Although it is a prescribed drug and everyone would have a recommended dosage by a doctor after thorough diagnosis, there’s still additional factors that will often contribute to overdoses on this drug. Doctors can only estimate the amount that is safe for you, each person is going to react to high blood pressure medications differently. We will give you some basic info to watch out for.

Uncommon Reasons For Overdose
The most uncommon reason of Maxzide overdoses is taking more pills than prescribed. It may sound unbelievable but in most cases, Maxzide overdoses are caused by other medications if one is on a few, other drugs and even alcohol. Some food items may also lead to overdoses. For instance, if someone this medication for high blood pressure consumes food that is high on potassium then the overall potassium levels in the body can get severely increased. This elevates the potassium levels in the first place and additional content of the nutrient is not advisable and can cause overdoses.

Here are some symptoms and ultimate effects of Maxzide drug if there is an overdose.

  • Dizziness, fatigue and fainting are often associated with overdoses. Drowsiness is common and so are headaches and back pain. The sensations may not last throughout the day but may affect time and again depending on the chemical imbalance in the body. Whenever the body is stressed out or there is an increase of fluid in the body, these symptoms can get severe.
  • Increased urination is a surefire sign of overdoses. Although there would be increased urination, the volume of urine would actually drop. It is common for anyone to feel extremely thirsty all the time if there are any overdoses.
  • Lower heart beat or irregular heart beat can be realized resulting in a sudden lowering of the blood pressure. If the drop is instantaneous among people who used to have very high blood pressure levels, then immediate medical attention is advisable.
  • Nausea is also very common and so is vomiting.
  • Muscle cramps and pain all over the body would commence if Maxzide overdoses are not treated. Seizures are not very common but highly likely for those with a history of it.

Maxzide Welcome Post
What Is Maxzide


What Is Maxzide

Maxzide Drug
What Is Maxzide

This drug is a medication from the field of medicine. This is the trade name for an antihypertensive drug.  An antihypertensive drug is a drug that reduces high blood pressure, there’s a whole slew of different drugs on the market for High Blood Pressure, such as Flovent. It is used in the treatment of hypertension.  Generic names for this drug are Esidrex, hydrochlorothiazide, and HydryDYURIL.This drug contains hydrochlorothiazide. Like most drugs and medications on the market there’s all sorts of draw backs and side effects, we won’t get into that right now. We will have an entire article strictly dedicated to Maxzide’s Side Effects.

Maxzide Reduces Blood Pressure…
This drug reduces high blood pressure, quite simply.  In complicated terms, it technically does the following: it is an ACE inhibitor, or an antiogensin converting enzyme inhibitor.  It is a diuretic. It is usually used to treat congestive heart problems.  Also it is used in the treatment of edema and hypertension.  It may be administered orally or by transdermal patches. Talk to your doctor to find out what method is best for you, and to find out if if this high blood pressure drug is a good option as well. Results may vary, and Maxzide isn’t for everyone. Make sure to do your research before taking this powerful blood pressure medication.

How Does Maxzide Work:
It relaxes the blood vessels so that blood passes through them more easily.  Its effect on the central nervous system reduces blood pressure. It dilates the blood vessels as well, which also helps blood flow.  It decreases blood pressure.  It is a medicine.  It generally treats hypertension. This is a medication that helps you to keep your potassium too.  It can cause dry mouth/Xerostomia/Cotton mouth.  A diuretic prevents the kidneys from retaining fluids.  Therefore one can lose a lot of fluid, and therefore have dry mouth.  this is a high blood pressure medication.  Different types of drugs for this vary.  Different types of blood pressure vary.  Essential hypertension” is the common name for high blood pressure.  Dry mouth is a frequent side effect in many medications.

If you are on Maxzide ask your pharmacist or your doctor.  Drugs and medications are their business and Maxzide is a complex drug.  A pharmacist can be a good sounding board.  Two references for this drug are http://www.drugs.com/pdr/maxzide and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerostomia. A professional tip is to ask your pharmacist if there are any interactions with other medications you are taking.  Because as one site unfortunately claims, “even doctors can forget what they prescribe.”  So, be careful.

Hypertension is another word for high blood pressure.  High blood pressure is serious.  Hypertension can potentially lead to dangerous conclusions.  These include heart failure stroke, and potentially kidney disease.  So treatment is vital, in fact crucial.  It occurs in people of all ages, including children and infants.  Important symptoms include light-headedness, pain above the neck and feeling like one is going to faint. To reduce hypertension, maintain a healthy body weight, exercise, and eat a healthy diet. Maxzide is one antihypertensive drug that is used to treat hypertension. Consult a doctor if you are worried about medication or having hypertension.

Maxzide Overdoses

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